Fresh is Fantastic And it doesn't get fresher than Ecobain Naturals Living Herbs
fresh herbs

Locally grown... vertically farmed fresh herbs available year round. Ecobain Naturals helps take your culinary skills to a new level.

Smell the fresh... imagine the flavour

Our healthy, pesticide free herbs make perfect additions to a healthy lifestyle. Locally grown means that there's less than 24 hours between our garden and your store shelf, AND complete integration from seed to sale. Our plants are bursting with benefits!

Dig into some pesto, indulge with a simple mojito recipe and learn more about using green herbs every day on our blog.

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Ecobain Naturals by Ecobain Gardens

Ecobain Gardens is located in Saskatoon and from our growing warehouse, all good things flow! Our herbs are grown in vertical gardens, all awash in pink light.

The pink light is what we're best known for: this vibrant hue is exactly what plants crave with no extras. We get super healthy plants and our lights are super energy efficient!

Ecobain Gardens is committed to sustainable agriculture, pesticide free and able to feed more people with fewer energy demands.

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Taste Sensational

Ecobain is proud to provide fresh herbs to local restaurants. If you want to give our plants a taste drive before you buy, ask about Ecobain at any of these eateries:

Congress Beer HouseUNA PizzaDelta BessboroughFamoso

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