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Using our fresh, living mint, chives, dill and basil plants is a snap. Just set our fragrant fresh herbs on your counter and their full bodied scent will have you dreaming of delicious ways to use them every day.

Taste of Fresh

Some studies have shown that fresh produce can lose nutritional value from the time it's picked to the time it's consumed. Shorten this time gap enough and you get the most value from your fresh food!

Ecobain Naturals grows basil, dill, mint and chives in optimal growing conditions close to our retailers and we sell direct, so the time between when our herbs are packaged to when it lands on your favourite grocery store shelf is minimized to 24 hours.

It's a delicious difference you'll be able to taste!

Our Herbs are Locally Grown

At Ecobain Naturals, we believe that even in Saskatchewan, we can have fresh, locally grown, healthy and sustainable pesticide free produce.

Our line of living herbs, grown right in Saskatoon, shows that we don't need to import over 85 percent of our fresh herbs - we just need to find smart ways to grow our own in Canada!

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Ecobain Gardens: Our Beginnings

All our Ecobain Naturals living herbs are grown at Ecobain Gardens in Saskatoon.

Back in 2013, the company was started in a 1300 sqft warehouse in Saskatoon by a young husband and wife with ambitions to grow to a size large enough to truly make a difference. Two years later, we were ready to move into a larger space, and we now have a 6000 sqft farm also located within Saskatoon.

From day one, our vision has been to grow an economical, social, and environmentally sustainable business and industry within Canada. Our goal is for Ecobain Gardens to make a real difference to quality nutrition in for all Canadians, regardless of where they live or their income, now and in the future.

We plan to focus on our goals and innovate so that we can consistently bring the healthiest and freshest products to the grocery store shelves. We want to inspire all Canadians to use healthy, delicious herbs!

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We're all about Sustainability through Science

Our produce is grown indoors in our urban farm and removes external environmental factors such as disease, pest, and the usual weather issues that impact most producers today.

We use growth "Recipes" by individually controlling environmental factors such as light intensity, humidity, temperature (within a degree) c02 levels and air flow.

Our farming method uses up to 90% less water than traditional growing methods, zero harmful chemicals or pesticides, and the newest energy efficient lighting available.

Our plants have everything they need to grow to their maximum genetic potential, without any of the regular growing pains of today's modern farmer.

The farm has a strong focus on technology and research. Ecobain Gardens works closely with the University of Saskatchewan, National Research Council, Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Center, and private companies to keep a step ahead. We strive to supply our customers with the best products on the market.

You Deserve Fresher, Healthier Food!

We discovered some untapped potential in the western Canadian food market: fresh herbs, sold as living plants. Especially in the long, Canadian winter months, when we resign ourselves to dried, packaged, dull flavored foods, fresh herbs are more than welcome.

The Bain family truly believes in the value of locally grown foods and their benefits to our healthier lives. We invite you to try our fresh herbs and to find out more about Ecobain Naturals by Ecobain Gardens!

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